Best Vietnamese Food

Best Vietnamese Food You Have to Try in Vietnam Vietnamese Traditional Food is top World well known to be both healthy and flavorful, thanks its generous combination of fresh herbs and greens, paired with rice, noodles, meat and seafood. While many cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offer plenty of fine-dining restaurants and five-star hotel's restaurants decked out in extravagant settings, some of the best authentic Vietnamese Foods are actually found on Street Restaurants, vibrant street markets. A typical Vietnamese Meal usually includes rice or noodles, a meat or seafood dish, a vegetable dish, soup and nuoc mam - fish sauce for dipping. Here’s a helpful Vietnam Food Guide on what to eat in Vietnam, most of them can be enjoyed just about any time of the day. While most are familiar with pho or spring rolls, there’s a wide range of Vietnamese Dishes only available to eat